Building Back Better: Our vision for Co-op development

Our network of co-operative development experts exists to help your society succeed. Together, our experience is unrivaled.

We treat every project with a unique approach and fresh thinking. We also develop new ideas that can be introduced in almost any town – our current focus is on co-operative development hubs.

How we can help you

• The largest geographical scope of any specialist Co-operative Development Body in the UK
• Co-operative development knowledge acquired over decades
• Offices and consultants in most English regions
• Advisers and consultants who have lived experience. Having run multiple successful co-operative businesses and social enterprises

How you can help us

To enable growth of Co-op development and to help build sustainable business practices across the UK, the Development Co-op is seeking investment.

Our share offer is currently open for investors. Our goal is to raise £150,000 of working capital to launch development projects in at least three UK towns or cities.

We believe Co-ops have the power to tackle the economic and social problems that the UK currently faces, especially in the wake of Covid-19. Development co-op has the ideas and the knowledge to bring the change and solutions needed. Co-op societies cab empower individuals to get back into work, through skills development and support and also to bring about social change.