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Development dot Coop

Development dot Coop ( is a free resource for Co-operative Development Practitioners (CDPs) wherever they may be living or working.  A free “holding page” is available to any CDP who registers.  Your holding page would be a separate sub-domain – for example “”.  The holding page can simply point to your own web site, or it can be expanded to be your own dedicated web site.

Our ambition is to strengthen the CD (Co-op Development) sector and bring specialist services to areas of the UK and elsewhere that may not already benefit from them.


Our vision for Co-op development

Our network of co-operative development practitioners exists to help your society succeed. Together, our experience is unrivalled.
For specific, relatively small scale initiatives, we'll signpost you to your nearest Practitioner.
For larger scale or very early stage thinking, as a network we can treat every project with a unique approach and fresh thinking. We also develop new ideas that can be introduced in almost any town – a current focus is on co-operative development hubs.

How We Can Help You

For potential users of Co-operative Development services:

  • A large geographical spread of specialist Co-operative Development expertise
  • Co-operative Development knowledge acquired over decades
  • Advisers and consultants who have lived experience, having run multiple successful co-operative businesses and social enterprises

For CD Practitioners:

  • a free open-ended central resource for marketing
  • a way of keeping in touch and sharing knowledge with fellow Practitioners
  • a route to a more visible online presence