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Development dot Coop (D.C) is primarily a free first stop online facility for Co-operative Development Practitioners (CDPs).

It serves both as a “holding page”, signposting to an existing website, and as a primary website for Practitioners.

However, D.C is also a resource for individuals and organisations wishing to be better informed and/or more involved in the co-operative movement generally.

Co-operative development is carried out by individual professionals, co-operative development bodies (CDBs) and volunteers (‘barefoot’ co-op development). It is has been in an evolving professional practice since the 1970s, but with much older roots. It has much in common with business consultancy, community development and team facilitation, but it has a distinct approach rooted in mutual aid and solidarity. You can find out more by selecting ‘What is Co-operative Development’ from the menu.

Development dot Coop is currently managed by who can be reached via the Contact page.


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